Silk yarn is reeling from cocoon.

Silk reeling workshop

Raw silk yarn 20/22D

Regular name - white steam filature 20/22D

On hanks


It's the material of silk fabric.

Doupion yarn 100/120D

On hanks


It's the material of silk doupion ( silk santong ),this kind of fabrics made from doupion yarn,suitable for the rough style and hometextiles,for example,to make curtain.

Silk tops bleached

Length of fabir 7 - 12 cms long


It's the material of silk noil and silk spun.

Silk spun dyed in solid color on cones

Silk noil on cones

N.W. 5.00 KGS each cone.

Silk twisted 20/22D on cones


It's ready to weave silk fabrics

Silk thread dyed in solid on cone,for sewing.


Colors available - natural white or any color


Sizes producing      Length of fabir each cone  

12 into 1                   3000/6000 mtrs              

20 into 1                   1400/2800 mtrs

45 into 1                   1200 mtrs

48 into 1                   1200/800  mtrs